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With a vision of nurturing an open and collaborative space for blockchain development, the Association of Blockchain Development focuses on the driving of thought leadership in the most cutting-edge distributed ledger technology innovations and applications. Its vision is supported by a team of experienced professionals within the academic and tech spaces who continually conceptualise and implement educational initiatives that cover a broad spectrum of topics including regulation, practical application of technology, and education.

ABCD – The Industry Synergistic Efforts

The association’s founding members are all experienced intellectuals and specialists from the world leading companies and academic institutions. ABCD assembles experts in the field to work on technological advancement, business applications and industrial strategies who come together with the goal of opening new horizon for further revolutionary development and making the blockchain ecosystem more diversified.

Chief Founding Members & Directors

Mr. Kevin Leung

Mr. Ronald Kong

Miss. Julianne Doe

Dr. Amanda Lim

Dr. Kyle Wong

Mr. Tim Koo

Miss. Florence Ip

Mr. Kenneth Ma

Mr. Ric Wu

Founding Members

Mr. Fay Lam

Mr. Bin Wan

Mr. Tony Au

Mr. Kerry Gan

Mr. Jones Chan

Mr. Rex Wong


Dr. Dongmin Chen

Dr. Jinliang Chen

Dr. Siu-ming Yiu

Dr. John Leung

Dr. Antoine Martin

The Academy of Blockchain

Supply Chain

Today’s intricate supply chains need to be more transparent and efficient, blockchain is the future business model and can be applied to the entire value chain.


In face of the increasingly digital era and changing societal needs, blockchain technology is in great demand to apply to a full spectrum of legal and compliance services to enhance precision and accountability.


Blockchain technology is poised to elevate business clients’ experiences to next level with open mechanism, checks and balances which is highly efficient and cost-effective.

& Banking

Most parties in the financial world have already got a taste of cryptocurrencies but have not explore how can they be benefited from the blockchain technology and DLT and here you find the answer.